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Danfoss FC202
VLT® AQUA Variable Speed Drive
Available FC202 Stock in NZ

The VLT® AQUA Drive FC 202 is designed to provide the highest level of performance of AC-motor-driven applications. Featuring a wide range of powerful standard features, which can be expanded with performance-improving options, the drive is equally suited to both new and retrofit projects. The new generation VLT AQUA Drive can realistically offer first-year cost savings of between 10–30% compared to traditional drive solutions. Its high lifetime availability and low energy consumption and maintenance costs provide you with the lowest cost of ownership.

The quick and user-friendly setup reduces installation time ensuring a fast route to maximum energy efficiency and motor control. By collecting the most important parameters in one place, the risk of incorrect configuration is reduced significantly.

Water and Wastewater Applications
The considerable daily load variation in water or wastewater treatment plants makes it economically feasible to introduce motor control on rotating equipment such as pumps and blowers.

Industrial VT Applications
The VLT® AQUA Drive the perfect match for Industrial VT applications including fans, pumps, blowers, and compressors. It is a direct replacement for the FC 322. Available in a wide range of industrial enclosures from protected chassis to IP 66 (NEMA 4 X Indoor).

Supply voltages and power range
  - 1 x 200V - 240V        1.1kW - 22kW
  - 1 x 380V - 480V        7.5kW – 37kW

  - 3 x 200V - 240V        0.25kW - 45kW
  - 3 x 380V - 480V        0.37kW – 1MW
  - 3 x 525V - 600V        0.75kW - 90kW
  - 3 x 525V - 690V        45kW – 1.4MW

  - 3 x 380V - 480V        132kW – 710kW    (Low harmonic drive)
  - 3 x 380V - 690V        250kW – 1200kW    (12-pulse drive)

Common applications
  - Centrifugal pumps and blowers
  - Positive displacement blowers

Features and benefits
- Assets are protected thanks to specially designed software that prevents, for example, water hammering.
- Energy efficiency is maximized as a result of the drives control algorithms and design which focus on reducing heat loss.
- High energy savings related to air conditioning are ensured due to the unique back-channel-cooling concept that transfers 90% of heat away from the room.
- Electromagnetic interference and harmonic distortion are reduced thanks to the built-in, scalable RFI filter and integrated DC link chokes.
- Perfect system integration and adaptation to the application are possible due to freely programmable warnings and alerts.
- 3–8% energy savings are achieved as a result of Automatic Energy Optimization.

Available Danfoss FC202 stock in New Zealand
Updated: December 21, 2023
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